Top 10 Road Trip Essentials

I recently went on a family road trip from LA up to visit family in Sonoma (check out my post on that trip here).  For me, road trips usually (actually, always) consist of sleeping, readjusting, and sleeping some more.  But, if you can’t sleep in the car or are trying to stay up and chit chat with your girlfriends… here are some 🔑 essentials.IMG_3554

  1. rosewater ya know the drill, I live for this stuff… more info on it here
  2. snacks bring your favorites~ I recommend goldfish and pringles
  3. water stay hydrated!!!!!!
  4. polaroid/gopro record it all+ make a cool vid, take sick pics of the sights on the way
  5. sunglasses sun glare is the worssttt 
  6. hand sanitizer ah! stay clean, sooo many germs and you can’t wash your hands
  7. picnic blanket it would be so fun to stop at a park/beach+ have a makeshift picnic
  8. music what would a road trip be without a good playlist?? take a look at mine here
  9. lip balm you’ll thank me for this one, cracked lips without any help will be no fun
  10. hand lotion similarly to above, dry hands + no lotion to fix it will drive you insane


Road to the Crown: Diary Entry 2

hey dolls ✰ if you haven't read my last post (diary entry 1) you may be confused so go read that one, then come back here!

✰ My opening number outfit, fitness tank are both on the way! I cannot wait to see everything and hopefully it works out lol.

✰ My gown and talent costume came! Bad news though, we ordered my gown off of Poshmark and the seller forgot to mention the fact that there were grease stains on it. Yea. I'm not happy about that. I'll keep you updated on whats happening but as of now, I have no gown.

✰ I am still looking for my interview outfit, we found some backup options on RentTheRunway but hopefully we find something permanent!

✰ My talent routine is all finished and looks SO good, I am so happy with it!!!!! My (super amazing) sister has been such a big role in the entire process and she has been workin her booty off on glamming up my costume. I'm not revealing the whole thing soooo… here's a sneak peak! It's gonna look SO good!


LA Beach Outfit

whats up girlies?! 

I'm sitting here (sweaty and in a sports bra), back in NJ, Pinterest-ing and putting off unpacking and cleaning.  So instead of getting my act together, I'd rather pretend I'm still on vacation and share some deets from one of my favorite outfits.

IMG_3829    When it's hot and humid out this top is my go-to, it's from Free People and I have it in 2 colors because I love it so much.

IMG_3826My bikini top is Maaji and this thing is so secure and comfortable! Zero padding but lots of straps means no wardrobe malfunctions in front of the entire children's camp behind me, lol.

To pull the look together I threw on some white shorts, which didn't stay on much longer after this pic was taken.  Mine are Michael Kors but any pair will give the same look. All of my bracelets are from the local shops in town (Udderly Perfect & Nikau Kai) and, of course I have my Ray-Bans on- which are custom so shop this similar pair.



I just wanna say a huge THANK YOU to all of you guys who have been reading and following my blog! I have really been stepping up my game and workin' my booty off and your positive feedback is so appreciated!

I have so many new ideas coming and I cannot wait to share everything with y'all! I've also been super active on my twitter and it's definitely the most interactive social to connect with you honeys so follow me on there!

For all of my NY babes, I'm planning on shooting there soon so please send your location recs my way!

And lastly, I'm planning on investing in a web designer within the next few months so if you have any good recommendations please let me know about them!


Road to the Crown: Diary Entry 1

I told you that I had exciting things planned (on Instagram and Twitter, of course), so here is a new series! Come follow along on my Road to the Crown (Miss New Jersey Outstanding Teen).  If you're not sure what I'm talking about, I will be competing in local pageants this season in the Miss America Outstanding Teen Organization.  BTW, this isn't like anything you've seen on Toddlers and Tiaras– this is a scholarship pageant which "promotes scholastic achievement, creative accomplishment, healthy living and community involvement for America's teens."  So basically, this is an amazing organization and I recommend it to any girl reading this!

There are 5 sections in the pageant: Opening number, interview, talent, fitness, and evening gown/onstage question.  I will keep you updated as I get my outfits for each event.

I've done 3 other pageants in the past, all within the same system and it was an absolutely amazing experience.  I took about a 2 year break and I am so excited to get back into it.  It truly is incredible.  I'm gonna (regretfully) share some photos of when I was absolutely gorgeous and knew exactly what to do with my hair and makeup (…psych, lol. These pictures are so so rough).

#1 I was so honored to have won talent, fitness, 1st runner up, & a congeniality award granted by the staff of the pageant in my very first pageant everrrrr!










#2 uhhh so I wasn't exactly as prepared for this pageant as I should've been and I can't seem to find any photographic proof I actually competed hahaha… I had an amazing time and made so many new friends, though!

#3 This pageant was insanely fun and I definitely have the most pics from this and a video of my talent (which was half lyrical/half hip hop -when I rip off my tutu lol)       

✰ Maggie

What I Keep in my Beach Bag

While I'm in LA, I've been at the beach everyday (as you could imagine) and loving every minute of it.  Through my routine, I have figured out exactly what is essential for your beach bag.

shop my favorite bags here

  • sunscreen/tanning oil make sure you have a good SPF on first, then you can add some oils/lotions on top for a tan (I like
  • book ugghhhh I LOVE READING ON THE BEACH! it's so relaxing and I've gotten super into reading lately (post on my fav books
  • headphones I like to listen to the book while I read or I like to listen to music 
  • wallet you can't leave the house without your wallet… you always need it when you don't have it!
  • lip balm the sun will DRY. YOU. OUT.
  • hat I hate when the sun is on my face so when I'm laying down I put the hat on my face (lol)
  • sunglasses ok, this is an obvious one
  • rosewater trustttt meee…. I KNOW I talk about this a lot but when you are hot and sweaty, a spray of
  • sun lightening spray my brothers and I love using the
  • hairbrush nothing is worse than trying to go out after the beach and having insanely salty hair

BONUS: don't forget a towel



Get a Spine… Pick up a Book

This is a very different post, straying from my usual, “wash your face” and, “this is the best way to apply bronzer” posts– so please, bear with me as I try to explain.

Lately, I have been getting into reading- and for those of you who know me: you’re probably confused.  I have never been a reader and it always puzzled me how people could read… for fun. Now, reading has become my favorite way to pass time (although I prefer to read while also listening to the audio version… it helps me focus!)– I can’t believe I can say that without laughing afterwards.IMG_2590.JPG

Down below I listed not only the books I’ve read but also the ones on my wishlist              (I’ll update this post as I finish more throughout the summer)

*read books that interest you before school takes over with boring ones!*

already read:

“What She Knew” by Gilly MacMillan a mystery about a boy who goes missing, narrated by both his mother and the detective on the case

“Twenty Boy Summer” by Sarah Ockler a light summer read about two teenagers’ adventures on vacation– with enough drama that you can’t put it down

“Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother” by Amy Chua a Chinese mother sharing her experience raising children in America, the Chinese way  *this was my assigned summer reading for school and I wouldn’t have picked it up on my own but it was weirdly interesting and I finished it in 1 day* 

“The Summer I Turned Pretty” by Jenny Han a teenager’s experience in her summer home when all of the pieces start to fall into place

on my wishlist links to descriptions are included:

The rest of “The Summer I Turned Pretty” trilogy

“The Husbands Secret” by Liane Moriarty

“This is Where it Ends” by Marieke Nijkamp

“The Hundred Lies of Lizzie Lovett” by Chelsea Sedoti

“The Woman in Cabin 10” by Ruth Ware

Anything by Sarah Ockler!!

♥ Maggie

BUY or BYE is Back to School: Avoiding Stress

It’s that time of year again where we are faced with balancing: school, school clubs, sports, after school activities, jobs, college prep, a social life and your health- while hoping to remain stress free.  Yikes!  Teenagers do not get enough credit, amiright??

Here are some of my favorite ways to destress (I can never have enough so please share yours in the comments below!)

  1. staying active/eating clean Staying healthy will completely help you destress your mind and body.  Keeping active is also proven to make you feel more energized and c’mon… we need the energy after 7 hours of school 5 days a week. If you do a sport (mine’s dance) then you’re already halfway there, now just take care of the body you’ve worked for and eat clean! I’ll be doing more health and fitness posts soon but some of my favorite workouts and healthy foods are…
    1. dance!
    2. (hot) yoga 
    3. zumba
    4. PiYo (pilates + yoga)
    5. cycling (classes at my local gym, SoulCycle, or on our Peloton at home)
    6. egg whites *I had this every morning before school from spring break to the last day of school last year…lol*
    7. avocados
    8. salmon
    9. nuts: almonds + pistachios
    10. fruits: love blueberries + watermelon + honeydew
  2. sleeping HAHA. It amazes me how many of my friends take sleep for granted and spend their nights up on their phone on Instagram doing nothing.  If you’ve ever had a conversation with me, there is a 90% chance you know that I love to sleep.  I promise you that after a long day of school and hard work, I am dead asleep by 10pm.
  3. finding your spirituality By no means will I push my religion and beliefs on any of you guys but I really recommend finding something that keeps you centered and relaxed.  This could be meditating, going to your place of worship, reading the Bible, studying a new religion, or anything to connect you with your spirituality.  It might seem like this will add onto your work load but, having something to make you feel centered can help a lot in times of stress.
  4. prioritize I’m not gonna tell you what should be at the top of your priorities but, it helps me so much when I know what needs to come first.  It can be hard turning down that party with your friends but getting that A on your chemistry test Monday morning could be way more important to you (if school is at the top of your priorities).  If things are important to you, you can and will find the time for it.
  5. planning/staying organized I am notorious for having a super neat agenda for school and there is no shame in it!  This one goes along with prioritizing because you can see what is most important while flipping through your planner.  I love to keep my agenda colorful to make it a little bit prettier… and I also keep a check box after each item to hold me accountable for completing them.  Having a good planner will help you remember to get everything important done before moving onto the things lower on your priorities. 

✰ Maggie

Maggie on the Move: Wine Country

Welcome to My New Travel Series!
I’ll be sharing my favorite spots to hit while visiting Wine Country, or more specifically: Healdsburg, California (Sonoma County). This is a place my family has been coming to for years, mostly because our “feels like” family has a vineyard and winery out here, so I like to think I know a few of the best attractions here!

to eat:
-Campo Fina
– this family favorite has some of the tastiest spicy dishes (or so I’ve heard from the entire family… I hate spicy lol), super fresh pizza, and you can play bacci ball outside while waiting for your food!
~my order~ always the burrata, for dessert: pistachio gelato or tiramisuIMG_2845-Healdsburg Bar & Grill
⁃ Go out for a chill dinner or lunch for some good ole American eats! I recommend sitting outside with friends or family and await the insanely delicious food (the burger buns taste like garlic bread… aka heaven).
~my order~  the pulled pork sandwich and a side of truffle fries

to do:
-boating on Lake Sonoma
⁃ If you’re feeling adventurous, a boat ride or tubing trip is definitely necessary. After discovering this lake many years ago, we have religiously gone back each summer… you will 100% fall in love with the views.
⁃ Be sure to stop at the Dry Creek general store to pick up some of the best sandwiches you’ve ever had before heading out!

-wine tasting at Comstock Wines Winery
⁃ Hey, maybe I’m biased but you’ve gotta go taste these wines… and tell Sandy and Bob I sent you if you do! Trust me, or my parents, the flavor of these wines will not disappoint. And, I’ve seen the BTS and the hard work and love that goes into each bottle is insane.

to shop:
– In the small town of Healdsburg, I strongly recommend peaking into each local boutique if you get the chance!IMG_2838

How to Cope with Breakouts

As a teenager, I know first hand how frustrating it is to see a blemish pop up on your face. Lately my skin has been so bad and I’ve been hard on myself for it but I had to realize that I’m a stressed out high school student and I’m obviously going to break out! Once you stop putting so much pressure on the way you look, you will notice how much happier you are.

The way I cope with clogged pores is by giving my skin a break. I try not to put face makeup on and I try to wash my face A LOT and moisturize A LOT. When your face is breaking out,                           you definitely do not wanna be adding anything else on top of that.                   Try: opening up your pores over steam or with hot water before washing your face.

I always stress that, even if you have oily skin, you should always be hydrating your skin! I have a blog post up about how to battle dry skin in the winter so be sure to go check that out for my top tips!

We all know the feeling of seeing/feeling a new pimple right on the center of our face (even when it’s on your jawline, it still feels like the center of your face lol). If you’re                                                                                struggling with this right now…                                                        Try: putting toothpaste or tea tree oil on the zit overnight to dry it out.

I know everyone thinks the cure to acne is exfoliating but DON’T! You shouldn’t be over-exfoliating your face and should only do this if your skin is overly dry. I was told that exfoliating too much isn’t good for your skin and I will continue to follow that rule! (hey Yassi, thanks lol)

Finally, just remember to calm down and focus on something else. Try to get some more sleep and have a relaxing spa night and give your face a break! As teens, we already have so much pressure on us at school, so don’t let your skin add to that stress! With time and care, your skin will clear up. Trust me, everyone else is too busy worrying about their own skin to worry about yours! Live your life and remember to love yourself ALWAYS! XO