Top 10 Road Trip Essentials

I recently went on a family road trip from LA up to visit family in Sonoma (check out my post on that trip here).  For me, road trips usually (actually, always) consist of sleeping, readjusting, and sleeping some more.  But, if you can’t sleep in the car or are trying to stay up and chit chat with your girlfriends… here are some 🔑 essentials.IMG_3554

  1. rosewater ya know the drill, I live for this stuff… more info on it here
  2. snacks bring your favorites~ I recommend goldfish and pringles
  3. water stay hydrated!!!!!!
  4. polaroid/gopro record it all+ make a cool vid, take sick pics of the sights on the way
  5. sunglasses sun glare is the worssttt 
  6. hand sanitizer ah! stay clean, sooo many germs and you can’t wash your hands
  7. picnic blanket it would be so fun to stop at a park/beach+ have a makeshift picnic
  8. music what would a road trip be without a good playlist?? take a look at mine here
  9. lip balm you’ll thank me for this one, cracked lips without any help will be no fun
  10. hand lotion similarly to above, dry hands + no lotion to fix it will drive you insane


What I Keep in my Beach Bag

While I'm in LA, I've been at the beach everyday (as you could imagine) and loving every minute of it.  Through my routine, I have figured out exactly what is essential for your beach bag.

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  • sunscreen/tanning oil make sure you have a good SPF on first, then you can add some oils/lotions on top for a tan (I like
  • book ugghhhh I LOVE READING ON THE BEACH! it's so relaxing and I've gotten super into reading lately (post on my fav books
  • headphones I like to listen to the book while I read or I like to listen to music 
  • wallet you can't leave the house without your wallet… you always need it when you don't have it!
  • lip balm the sun will DRY. YOU. OUT.
  • hat I hate when the sun is on my face so when I'm laying down I put the hat on my face (lol)
  • sunglasses ok, this is an obvious one
  • rosewater trustttt meee…. I KNOW I talk about this a lot but when you are hot and sweaty, a spray of
  • sun lightening spray my brothers and I love using the
  • hairbrush nothing is worse than trying to go out after the beach and having insanely salty hair

BONUS: don't forget a towel