BUY or BYE: Bubble Clay Mask

I’ve heard sooo much about this crazy carbonated face mask and was dying to try it! Because this bubble clay mask has gotten so much hype, I figured it was the perfect product to film a video about so make sure you go watch my demo.

Sorry this video wasn’t the most professional but it’s my first video and I promise they will get better. My camera chip kept running out of space so the end of the video got cut off :(. I decided that making a whole blog post about the Bubble Clay Mask  would be the smartest and most effective idea and hopefully, you agree.


This lil mask was SO COOL. I got to paint on a clay mask and watch it form into a spongey, bubbly madness, and I loved it! However, I think the concept is more exciting than the actual process… As much as I loved the experience, washing off the mask is a whole project on its own and it kept getting in my hair, mouth and eyes.


  • so. much. fun.
  • takes off makeup like a cleanser
  • makes your skin feel super smooth


  • messy cleanup
  • tingles after around 10 minutes
  • can’t multitask while wearing the mask (clean your room, do homework etc.)
  • starts to bubble in the packaging

IMG_3212I loved using this fun little mask because it was realllyyy entertaining and it cleaned my skin. The mask is perfect for oily/acne prone skin because it soaks up all of the oil that builds up and causes pimples. However, for my dry skin, I needed some extra hydration.

I give this 3/5 kisses because I can’t keep up with the mess!!


BUY or BYE: Gagged Chokers

If you are looking for some of the best, most unique chokers without breaking the bank you NEED to check out Gagged Chokers. The company was created by Courtney Reed (aka Jasmine on Broadway –YES I KNOW!!😯 ). I love supporting small businesses and watching them grow into bigger and better things. Every one of these chokers is handmade and fantastic quality. Gagged has created the COOLEST chokers and I’m so happy I found them so I had to share it with you! Make sure you check out their Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Email them to show your support.


By far 5/5 Kisses pink-kiss-mark-mdpink-kiss-mark-mdpink-kiss-mark-mdpink-kiss-mark-mdpink-kiss-mark-md

BUY or BYE: Holy Grail Lip Balm

One thing you can NEVER leave the house without, is lip balm. Chapped lips is nottt a cute look, trust me. Finding a really good chapstick is so important! My favorite lip balm EVER is the Christian Dior Creme de Rose Smoothing Plumping Lip Balm. Now I get it, spending $30 on a lip balm seems a little crazy when you can get a $2 one from the drugstore but this luxurious little balm is SO WORTH IT! When you first get it, it will be a little stiff and hard to get out of the tub but as soon as you break that seal, it feels like BUTTER! This balm also lasts soo long! I put this on every night before I go to bed and I can still feel it when I wake up, and I am a HEAVY sleeper (lol). Not only does it last long on your lips, it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere in the tub! I’ve been using mine religiously for around 6 months and barely made a dent into it. Now for the packaging: I LOVE IT!! This little vintage container is adorable and super easy to use. The one issue is that I wish it was in some sort of squeeze tube or had an applicator so bacteria couldn’t get in it so easily. And as much as I love this product, I have to give it 4/5 kisses for the packaging.




BUY or BYE: Rosewater

Rosewater has been my summer essential and is usually around $10! Yes, I know, total steal. Now don’t get me wrong, as much as I LOVE the summer, I don’t love the way the sun, salt, and sand dry out my skin and make it look like the Sahara desert. Sometimes you just need to replenish your skin without chugging 8 bottles of water a day. All you have to do is spray your face and neck (ALWAYS pamper your neck!) after you cleanse your face/shower/before bed/as a makeup setter or anytime your skin needs some rehydration. I’ve gotten both my sisters AND my brothers addicted to rosewater so trust me it’s WORTH IT.


My personal favorite rosewater sprays are by Glossier and Mario Badescu… but, you can also make your own. Here’s what you need:

  • Small spray bottle
  • 1 Tbsp. Rosewater (as many clean rose petals you’d like and enough water to cover them, let simmer on med/low heat until the petals lose their color 20-30 mins
  • 4 Tbsp. water (or enough to fill the spray bottle)

Definitely 5/5 Kisses