Body Care: Glowing Summer Skin

With all the hype on clear skin, people seem to forget about their bodies too.  Making sure your whole body is healthy and hydrated is super important.  My mom is all about skin and body care so I’ve learned plenty of tips through her (thanks mom!).

  1. drink lots of water – if you’re already doing this for your face/general health, you’re good!
  2. SPF – the last thing you want on your glowing skin is sun damage/sun spots… take care of yourself
  3. baby oil – this is one of my moms tips… before drying off after the shower, rub baby oil allover, let it soak in and then dry off
  4. aquaphor – this is super weird but if you’re skin is in dire need of some moisture, load up on aquaphor at night and when you wake up in the morning you’ll feel as soft as a baby’s butt (which makes sense because they use this stuff on baby’s butts lol)
  5. sugar scrub – scrub off all of that dry and dead skin with any sugar scrub, I like this one from Soap & Glory because it smells like lime and it’s just amazing


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