UPDATED: All About My Hair Color

I have already posted about my color/routine before and I’ll link that here. However, I’ve changed the color of it 2 times (officially, lol) since then so it is time to update it!

GO FOLLOW RAY (the amazing artist behind all of my hairstyles) ON INSTAGRAM @creRAYtor and @craycraystylesz & let me know if you want his tips and tricks!

My natural hair color is a chocolate brown with natural red highlights:

I got highlights around a year ago (Aug):

Then I got a full balayage in April:

When I went to California my hair got even lighter in the sun:

Recently, I was reallllyyy missing my dark hair and decided to go back to it!

Here is how my (amazing) hair dresser did it (if you want to ask your stylist too)

*by the way, Ray (my hair magician), is an artist for L’Oreal Professionnel & he used all of their products on my hair*

  1. Glaze it- using the Dia Light
  2. Sealed it- using Power Mix Vitamino Color
  3. Styled it- using Liss Unlimited Smoothing Cream


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