What I Keep in my Beach Bag

While I'm in LA, I've been at the beach everyday (as you could imagine) and loving every minute of it.  Through my routine, I have figured out exactly what is essential for your beach bag.

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  • sunscreen/tanning oil make sure you have a good SPF on first, then you can add some oils/lotions on top for a tan (I like
  • book ugghhhh I LOVE READING ON THE BEACH! it's so relaxing and I've gotten super into reading lately (post on my fav books
  • headphones I like to listen to the book while I read or I like to listen to music 
  • wallet you can't leave the house without your wallet… you always need it when you don't have it!
  • lip balm the sun will DRY. YOU. OUT.
  • hat I hate when the sun is on my face so when I'm laying down I put the hat on my face (lol)
  • sunglasses ok, this is an obvious one
  • rosewater trustttt meee…. I KNOW I talk about this a lot but when you are hot and sweaty, a spray of
  • sun lightening spray my brothers and I love using the
  • hairbrush nothing is worse than trying to go out after the beach and having insanely salty hair

BONUS: don't forget a towel



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