BUY or BYE is Back to School: Avoiding Stress

It’s that time of year again where we are faced with balancing: school, school clubs, sports, after school activities, jobs, college prep, a social life and your health- while hoping to remain stress free.  Yikes!  Teenagers do not get enough credit, amiright??

Here are some of my favorite ways to destress (I can never have enough so please share yours in the comments below!)

  1. staying active/eating clean Staying healthy will completely help you destress your mind and body.  Keeping active is also proven to make you feel more energized and c’mon… we need the energy after 7 hours of school 5 days a week. If you do a sport (mine’s dance) then you’re already halfway there, now just take care of the body you’ve worked for and eat clean! I’ll be doing more health and fitness posts soon but some of my favorite workouts and healthy foods are…
    1. dance!
    2. (hot) yoga 
    3. zumba
    4. PiYo (pilates + yoga)
    5. cycling (classes at my local gym, SoulCycle, or on our Peloton at home)
    6. egg whites *I had this every morning before school from spring break to the last day of school last year…lol*
    7. avocados
    8. salmon
    9. nuts: almonds + pistachios
    10. fruits: love blueberries + watermelon + honeydew
  2. sleeping HAHA. It amazes me how many of my friends take sleep for granted and spend their nights up on their phone on Instagram doing nothing.  If you’ve ever had a conversation with me, there is a 90% chance you know that I love to sleep.  I promise you that after a long day of school and hard work, I am dead asleep by 10pm.
  3. finding your spirituality By no means will I push my religion and beliefs on any of you guys but I really recommend finding something that keeps you centered and relaxed.  This could be meditating, going to your place of worship, reading the Bible, studying a new religion, or anything to connect you with your spirituality.  It might seem like this will add onto your work load but, having something to make you feel centered can help a lot in times of stress.
  4. prioritize I’m not gonna tell you what should be at the top of your priorities but, it helps me so much when I know what needs to come first.  It can be hard turning down that party with your friends but getting that A on your chemistry test Monday morning could be way more important to you (if school is at the top of your priorities).  If things are important to you, you can and will find the time for it.
  5. planning/staying organized I am notorious for having a super neat agenda for school and there is no shame in it!  This one goes along with prioritizing because you can see what is most important while flipping through your planner.  I love to keep my agenda colorful to make it a little bit prettier… and I also keep a check box after each item to hold me accountable for completing them.  Having a good planner will help you remember to get everything important done before moving onto the things lower on your priorities. 

✰ Maggie

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