How to Cope with Breakouts

As a teenager, I know first hand how frustrating it is to see a blemish pop up on your face. Lately my skin has been so bad and I’ve been hard on myself for it but I had to realize that I’m a stressed out high school student and I’m obviously going to break out! Once you stop putting so much pressure on the way you look, you will notice how much happier you are.

The way I cope with clogged pores is by giving my skin a break. I try not to put face makeup on and I try to wash my face A LOT and moisturize A LOT. When your face is breaking out,                           you definitely do not wanna be adding anything else on top of that.                   Try: opening up your pores over steam or with hot water before washing your face.

I always stress that, even if you have oily skin, you should always be hydrating your skin! I have a blog post up about how to battle dry skin in the winter so be sure to go check that out for my top tips!

We all know the feeling of seeing/feeling a new pimple right on the center of our face (even when it’s on your jawline, it still feels like the center of your face lol). If you’re                                                                                struggling with this right now…                                                        Try: putting toothpaste or tea tree oil on the zit overnight to dry it out.

I know everyone thinks the cure to acne is exfoliating but DON’T! You shouldn’t be over-exfoliating your face and should only do this if your skin is overly dry. I was told that exfoliating too much isn’t good for your skin and I will continue to follow that rule! (hey Yassi, thanks lol)

Finally, just remember to calm down and focus on something else. Try to get some more sleep and have a relaxing spa night and give your face a break! As teens, we already have so much pressure on us at school, so don’t let your skin add to that stress! With time and care, your skin will clear up. Trust me, everyone else is too busy worrying about their own skin to worry about yours! Live your life and remember to love yourself ALWAYS! XO

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