How to Battle Dry Skin in the Winter

UGH…Now that it’s getting cold outside I can feeeel the moisture getting sucked out of my skin! Naturally, I have really dry skin so the winter can get realll annoying when it comes to skincare. Over the years, I’ve developed some tricks of keeping my skin hydrated all throughout the colder months!IMG_3697.JPG

For your Face:

*Every morning, before doing my makeup, I put on my Cetaphil moisturizer and spray my face with Rosewater. Y’all know how much I love my rosewater and there is no exception in the winter!
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*Before bed, I cover my whole face with coconut oil, I swear by this stuff for dry skin. While your at it, lather this on your lashes to get that extra growth! However, I don’t recommend this for oily skin since it will clog your pores.Screen Shot 2016-11-26 at 2.22.49 AM.png

For your Body:

* It’s not only about the face, you better moisturize your body too, especially when it’s cold and dry out! After my shower, before bed, I put coconut oil on my legs, arms, hands, feet, nails, shoulders etc.

*In the mornings before school I use my all time favorite lotions which are the Fairy Secrets Lotion Candles (I have a whole post on them, they are fabulous)


Stay hydrated ladies!! Drink lots of water XO

3 thoughts on “How to Battle Dry Skin in the Winter

  1. I definitely agree with coconut oil. It is the best thing to moisturize your skin especially face. For me it helped me when I had very sore eyes and that was the only product which recovers my sore skin under nit my eyes. Very inspiring blog I like it! ( if you want to you can check out I also have a blog )
    link to my blog:

    Byee 🙂


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