Outfits of the Week: Mid November

This week I decided to give y’all a further look into my fashion and show you everything I wore to school for a week! For those of you that don’t know I live on the east coast so it’s starting to get pretty cold and is sadly no longer shorts weather :(, but since my school has heat I can get away with wearing dresses and not piling on the layers quite yet. I will try to link exact pieces but for those that are sold out or are no longer sold, I will link similar items!

Monday: unnamed-1My sweater dress is from Aritzia and my shoes are Nine West

similar dress

similar shoes (for a closer look of the actual shoe, check my instagram! @buyorbyebymaggie)



unnamed-2My flannel is from H&M, my leggings are Lululemon, my booties are Nordstrom BP

exact flannel **its on sale so go get it NOW**

exact leggings

exact booties


unnamed-3My sweater is Tobi, my pants are Topshop, and I wore the same booties as yesterday (and yes, these glasses are real! *Warby Parker*)

exact sweater

exact jeans

exact glasses


My shirt is Club Monaco, my jeans are Hollister and my shoes are from Steve Madden!

I got this shirt on final sale in September so the exact one is no longer available, howver, I found 2 different takes on this look: same hem and very similar but with a turtleneck

exact jeans

shoes are no longer sold, similar option

Friday: I totally forgot to take a picture because I had such a busy day but I just wore a white vneck sweater that I borrowed from my sister, black leggings, and white high top converse!

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