Last Minute Halloween Costumes

When we were all in elementary school, everyone knew exactly what they were going to dress up as for Halloween by September… but, once we get into high school, most of us procrastinate with our costumes just like we procrastinate with everything else. If you still have no clue what you want to be for Halloween, don’t worry I gotcha covered. Check out some of these super last minute costume ideas down below.

I used Polyvore to make all of these outfits so make sure you click on the links to find exact clothing pieces.


Pirate: This costume is soo easy, all you need is a pair of black jeans or leggings (which you probably already own), any flowy white top or one of the lace up tops that are super trendy right now, and a pirate sword which you can find at any halloween store. I paired it with some tall black boots which you, or one of your friends probably have, and any red, green, or blue scarf to wrap around your head and voilaaa, you are a pirate!

Screen Shot 2016-10-16 at 3.34.45 PM.png

80’s Girl: Oh my god I loveee this costume I think it’s so so fun!!! To recreate this look, go into your closet and find everything neon you own. I would wear these hot pink leggings, but any colored leggings will work, a leotard/bodysuit on top of the leggings (this metallic one is PERFECT) and a loose crop top over it. You probably have some random tee shirt that you cut like this from years ago and it is awesome with this look. Because you probably won’t be wearing this stuff many more times in your life, try not to spend too much money on it and look around your house and ask your friends before going to a store! I would put my hair in a big side pony on the top of my head with a scrunchie and pair the outfit with some simple white sneakers or any white shoes. *also it’s a plus in you find some leg warmers but those aren’t essential*

Screen Shot 2016-10-16 at 3.45.47 PM.png

70’s Girl: If you’re like me, you probably own most of this stuff!! All you need is some bell bottom pants/jeans, a flowy top, and some round sunglasses. To make the outfit a little more complete, pair it with some sandals, braided headbands, and a peace sign necklace. This costume is SO. EASY.

Screen Shot 2016-10-16 at 3.58.47 PM.png

Cher Horowitz (Clueless): This is by far my favorite costume because I loveee the movie Clueless!!! I chose this look inspired from the scene in class where she drops her pink pen. The major piece you need is the pink plaid skirt, mine is from amazon and was super cheap, pair it with any white cropped tee, and some retro white pumps, these are from overstock (link on my polyvore). Because I’m detail oriented, I added a short gold necklace like the one she was wearing.


Sandy (Grease): Who doesn’t love this scene from Grease? It is so iconic so if you wear this, you better be walking around channeling your inner Sandy. This costume might be the trickiest but is so worth it. Pair an off the shoulder black bodysuit or top (mine is from amazon and is so cheap) with some pleather leggings and red heels. Personally, there is no way I’d be able to survive wearing pumps all night so I’d rock a pair of red sandals or sneakers (lol). Add a black and gold belt and some big gold hoops with red lips. Make sure you have the tightest curls too!

I tried to give you guys some really inexpensive options because no one should be spending that much money on one night!! Make sure you stay safe and stay looking cuuuttteee! Send me pictures on my social media if you end up rocking any of these looks!

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