My Latest Obsession: Lotion Candles

For those of you avid BBbM readers, or those who know me personally, you know my biggest fear is smelling bad. For years now, I’ve been obsessed with all things scented whether it’s perfume, lotion, body sprays or just soap! Recently I had a friend recommend the Fairy Secrets Lotion Candle which is the most amazing product you will ever find, I swear by them. I was fortunate enough to have Fairy Secrets send me some goodies but I bought one first before reaching out to them! Basically it is a lotion/oil in the form of a candle that smells like a perfume (aka magic). My favorite thing about this company is that they are all natural and don’t use any chemicals which is always a plus! Because Fairy Secrets’ team is the BEST, they also sent over some soaps for me to try and I looove them.


All you have to do is light the candle and let it do it’s thing and melt, and then once a little pool of oil forms, blow out the flame and rub the oil onto your skin just like a lotion. Because you’re putting it on while its warm, the scent will last soooo much longer and it makes your skin feel so soft.


I ordered a small lotion candle in the scent “Pink Sugar” which is inspired by Aquolina’s Pink Sugar aka my favorite scent ever since it smells like pure candy and then I received a few others. I was sent a full size Pink Sugar, Cantaloupe and Lily, Oatmeal Milk and Honey, and Love Spell (exact replica of Victoria’s Secret version). I was also able to try out some of their soaps which have a super strong fragrance when you smell them but after using them they just leave a light scent. I have Autumn Apples, Patchouli Lavender, Florida Sunrise, and Honeysuckle Sugar.


Pink Sugar~ just smells like cotton candy so if you don’t like sweet scents you will NOT like this

Cantaloupe and Lily~ more of a fruity, younger scent that is perfect for the spring and summer and not really a fall scent

Oatmeal Milk and Honey~smells exactly how it sounds and smells so luxurious and when I wear it I feel like I’m at a spa

Love Spell~this is one of my favorites, usually I do not like floral scents at all since they are too mature for me but this is such a fruity floral I actually really really like it, & smells just like peaches and berries!!!

img_3376The Autumn Apples~smells like apple pie because it has some spices in it which makes it perfect for fall

Unfortunately, Patchouli Lavender wasn’t really my style but I’m happy I got it so I could give a better review. As you can tell, I’m really into the sweeter scents and this fragrance is just not sweet at all, which I know some of you will LOVE! If you like the earthy, patchouli scent or love the scent of lavender then this will be perfect for you!!

Florida Sunrise~smells exactly like it sounds, it smells like lemon and orange juice and is such a summer scent that I cannot wait to use

Honeysuckle Sugar~sounds way sweeter than it smells, so don’t be overwhelmed if you aren’t addicted to candy scents like me because this just smells like a sweeter bunch of flowers and I know that makes no sense but if you smell this you will know EXACTLY what I mean!! It’s not an overly sugary scent like Pink Sugar at all, it’s just super fresh!!


  • Small Lotion Candle ($15)
  • Large Lotion Candle (usually $25 but currently on sale 2 for $45!)
  • Soaps ($7)

If you guys try out any of these products let me know, I love hearing when you try out any of my recommendations! Also let me know if you find a new scent that you think I would like, I’m always down to hear some suggestions.

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