How to Color Correct on a Budget

For those of you that don’t know, color correcting is when you use makeup to cancel out any unwanted colors on your face before applying foundation/concealer. Many youtubers talk about color correcting and do tutorials but the products they use are usually highend. My favorite color corrector is by NYX and is only $12!!


If you want to WATCH instead of read… watch the video down below!

Follow the guide below for some color correcting tips!

  1. Make sure you don’t use a color just because other people are! You don’t always need what other people are and it will actually make your skin look worse.
  2. If you have very dark undereye circles, you wil want to cancel out the purpley blue tones with a yellowy peach concealer.
  3. In order to cancel out yellow or sallow skin, you can use a purple cream to hide it. This one can be the trickiest to use and not many people will need to use the purple. I personally only use the purple to highlight my cheekbones since thats the only place my skin needs brightening.
  4. For redness, using the green concealer from the palette with cancel out the redness on any pimples or just your face in general.

After putting on a thin layer of the corrector, spray some rosewater spray allover your face to soften the product. Dampen your beauty blender and start to softly blend out the color corrector. You want to be able to see the product still but don’t want a heavy layer that will peak through your foundation/bb cream. Make sure you push the product into your skin as opposed to rubbing it since that will just move the color around and rewind all the hard work you just did.


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