Back to School: Backpack Essentials

People in high school either stuff their backpacks with pounds of unnecessary crap or only fill it with a notebook and a pen. Personally, I’m somewhere in between and I always have friends asking me for stuff from my bag yet it’s always super light. If you are trying to find the right mix between over packing and under packing your backpack then follow some of my tips!

Watch the video to see what I keep in my backpack!

  1. You don’t need a folder, notebook and binder for every single class. Unless it is a homework requirement to have a binder for one of your classes, then you don’t need one. Binders are so heavy and take up wayyy to much space and I am NOT about that life.
  2. Share one notebook for all of your classes. I might sound insane but I only keep one notebook in my backpack at a time (keep some at home for backup though!) to save space. Instead of having a binder with loose leaf paper I just rip out papers from a spiral notebook and put it in a folder for the class. side note: after a few weeks you will become a PRO at ripping out the notebook paper lol.
  3. Divide your folder into 2 different classes. My school uses a block schedule which means we drop 2 classes a day in a rotation. Each folder has 2 classes and I match it up with the ones I drop (ex: if I drop history and english, they share a folder, that way I can leave the folder at home and save space). 
  4. Leave books/textbooks at home if you don’t need them. Going off of #3, if you don’t need something, don’t bring it! No need to break your back if you won’t even use it.

Products Mentioned:

backpack (no longer sell the exact one so here’s a similar one) ~

pencil case ~

nars lip pencil~

body spray ~

panda blotting papers (similar) ~

What I’m Wearing:
top ~
necklace ~
earrings ~ stole them from my mom!

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