B2S with BUY or BYE: Middle School Makeup

Middle school is usually the time girls start to branch out into makeup (unless you’re like me and put red lipstick on at the age of 2 lol). Don’t be shy to experiment, just try to keep it age appropriate. When you’re 11 you don’t necessarily need a smokey eye as your “go-to look” for school, however do whatever you’re comfortable with! This is just some inspiration if you were wondering what makeup most middle schoolers wear. Remember, you are naturally beautiful and makeup will just enhance your beauty. Everything will be drugstore because mom and dad don’t always wanna break the bank on beauty products!!

side note: these are just what I’m using but if you have a die-hard makeup product then do you boo and use it!

6th Grade:

7th Grade:

  • under eye concealer $3.39
  • bb cream $11
  • blush ~milani luminoso~ $9.29 (I bought this blush for this post and fell IN LOVE! It gives such a nice sheen that makes it look like you have a highlight on, you gotta go get it!!!)
  • black mascara $9
  • lip color stick $9 ~neutrogena sweet watermelon~ Guys it smells delicious

8th Grade:

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