BUY or BYE: Bubble Clay Mask

I’ve heard sooo much about this crazy carbonated face mask and was dying to try it! Because this bubble clay mask has gotten so much hype, I figured it was the perfect product to film a video about so make sure you go watch my demo.

Sorry this video wasn’t the most professional but it’s my first video and I promise they will get better. My camera chip kept running out of space so the end of the video got cut off :(. I decided that making a whole blog post about the Bubble Clay Mask  would be the smartest and most effective idea and hopefully, you agree.


This lil mask was SO COOL. I got to paint on a clay mask and watch it form into a spongey, bubbly madness, and I loved it! However, I think the concept is more exciting than the actual process… As much as I loved the experience, washing off the mask is a whole project on its own and it kept getting in my hair, mouth and eyes.


  • so. much. fun.
  • takes off makeup like a cleanser
  • makes your skin feel super smooth


  • messy cleanup
  • tingles after around 10 minutes
  • can’t multitask while wearing the mask (clean your room, do homework etc.)
  • starts to bubble in the packaging

IMG_3212I loved using this fun little mask because it was realllyyy entertaining and it cleaned my skin. The mask is perfect for oily/acne prone skin because it soaks up all of the oil that builds up and causes pimples. However, for my dry skin, I needed some extra hydration.

I give this 3/5 kisses because I can’t keep up with the mess!!


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