Carry on Essentials

When you’re traveling you obviously wanna make sure you have all the essentials you are going to be needing on your flight. But, who wants to carry around 20lbs of useless stuff through the airport?? Here is my guide to having the perfect balance for your carry on!!

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Laptop: If you have a laptop and are planning on bringing your laptop with you make sure you dont check it with your luggage! It can get damaged or lost and thats the last thing you want after spending $1000+. Also, make sure you load that baby up with movies/tv shows so you can watch them on the plane!! side note: dont forget your chargers either!!
Book: Being on a flight is the perfect opportunity to crack open up a new book since you are stuck in a seat with no wifi and will get VERY bored. If you have to read a book for school and youre going to be traveling then take the opportunity to read on your flight.
Headphones: Basically, you ALWAYS need headphones while traveling so make sure you got those in your bag otherwise you will have a very quiet (or not so quiet if there is a baby on the flight) journey
Neck Pillow: If you are ANYTHING like me then you will take any and every opportunity for a nap and will want a pillow
ID: If you are flying out of the country make sure you dont forget your passport (duhhh) and if you are traveling in the same country then make sure you have some student id or license if you are over 18
Face Mask: I probably sound crazy but you should take advantage of the time you have and re-hydrate your skin. A sheet mask is awesome for the plane since its easy clean up and will moisturize while you are in a freezing cold, air conditioned plane that basically sucks the life right out of your skin.
Notebook: You never know when you have to jot something down, make a list, or just want to doodle so make sure you bring a notepad of some sort.

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