BUY or BYE: Gagged Chokers

If you are looking for some of the best, most unique chokers without breaking the bank you NEED to check out Gagged Chokers. The company was created by Courtney Reed (aka Jasmine on Broadway –YES I KNOW!!😯 ). I love supporting small businesses and watching them grow into bigger and better things. Every one of these chokers is handmade and fantastic quality. Gagged has created the COOLEST chokers and I’m so happy I found them so I had to share it with you! Make sure you check out their Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Email them to show your support.


By far 5/5 Kisses pink-kiss-mark-mdpink-kiss-mark-mdpink-kiss-mark-mdpink-kiss-mark-mdpink-kiss-mark-md

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